ShaftLign - U2 Square Putter Grip.

SquareLign – Square Putter Grip

SquareLign – Square Putter Grip

Orange, CA:

 Since putting is considered 50 percent of your Score, the importance of being square in paramount to improvement .  U2 is not just the only Square Putter Grip in Golf.  It is Golf’s Only Patented Square Putter Grip.

Aptly named for it’s design, it is called it U2 or You Square.

SquareLign - U2 Square Putter Grip -Order Yours Today
Square is simple and it works like no other putter grip ever made. Get yours NOW – Current Supplies are Very Limited.  (Initial Batch Run Prototypes.)

With the SquareLign U2 Square Putter Grip, several great things will happen to your golf game.

You WILL sink more putts, reducing your score.  It is that simple.   We know and believe that with the SquareLign – U2 Square Putter Grip.  When you Square It Up,  You Make More Putts.  As a golfer, you already know the importance of putting at keeping your scores manageable and low. This is exactly why SquareLign designed the U2.

Since we are new, this website will be constantly updated.  In the mean time, bookmark us and comeback often to see the changes and growth being experienced worldwide by those using the SquareLign U2 Square Putter Grip.

Some quickie facts for you

  • U2 is Patented
  • U2 Conforms to the Rules of Golf
  • U2 is the only TRUE square grip available.
  • U2 has ZERO TAPER, which balances the hand pressure automatically.
  • U2 has official earnings, meaning Professional $$$$ Earnings.
  • U2 used for / Korn-Ferry / PGA Tour Q-School.
  • U2 used on the PGA Mackenzie Canadian Tour
  • U2 has a current record of 11 one putts in at least 4 events, we are wondering who will be the first to have 18.
  • U2 holds current records during one round of 21 putts, 2 rounds of 23 putts, 24 putts twice, 26 putts or better numerous times by competitors worldwide.
  • U2 has been used in Nationally Ranked Amateur Finals in the last 3 years.
  • U2 is currently in the hands of a number of top professional and amateur tournament players.
  • U2 Hailed as a revolutionary game changer.
  • U2 Automatically squares the putter face to it’s intended target.
  • U2 Fastest and easiest putter grip to install and square up.
  • U2 is waterproof, sweat proof, and is virtually impervious to all liquids. Well excluding maybe acid or boiling oil, lol. (We didn’t want to push the limits too far.)
  • U2 cleans up and stays tacky with just a quick wipe from a damp cloth.
  • U2 is designed to be longer lasting than any other current grip on the market. This means you don’t have to change grips once or twice a year risking changing anything about your putter or stroke. (The original prototype lasted 11.7 years.)
  • U2 is made from a proprietary blend of specific materials to enhance durability.
  • U2 Design allows for automatic counterbalancing to almost any putter.
  • U2 Design is ergonomic to your hands creating a more secure feel.
  • U2 Design instills confidence for making putts creating the “I got this” feeling
  • U2 Helps lower your scores on the putting green (oh yeah)
  • U2 Helps Dip into your friend’s pockets!!! (we know you’ll love this one)

So the real question is …

When are you getting yours?

Want one?

Click Below Get Yours NOW

We have a had an explosion of people wanting the SquareLign U2 Square Putter Grip, occasionally we have to make another batch of them. But if you order today, you should have it in just a few weeks. Order today and get yours soon …

We are certain you will reduce strokes, lower scores, take much-needed revenge on your playing partners, and money out of their pockets.

Since the inception of the U2 Square Putter Grip, some pretty amazing, magical, and truly fun things have been happening on the golf course.

Knowing that in order to score well you must putt at least fairly well already, so if you are a good putter, this is certain to make you better and if your putting is just so so, it will make you better too.

Whenever and where ever we show it to people, we get these four questions very consistently.  Here they are

  1. Is this legal?
  2. Hey, where’d you get this?
  3. Wait, where can I get one
  4. Wait, how much is it and when can I get it installed?

It really is the most amazing putter grip on the market today.  Chances are you might not have it in your area as of yet.

One Professional said that he is very careful at showing it around at the moment because he is making cuts and increasing his paychecks week in and week out.  He also mentioned that when it does hit the mainstream, he feels it will be chaotic trying to get one.  He purchased 5 for his own use on different putters.

A top amateur said the U2 is his most coveted tool right now, that he knows even before he tees off he is going to make a high majority of his first putts or at least nuzzle them up to the hole.  He said and I quote … ” It is near impossible to not 2 putt from everywhere, The grip just makes me see the line and it is a SquareLign right to the hole”

Numerous other teaching professionals purchased several for their clients within days of getting their own so the word is getting out quick to get the SquareLign U2 Putter Grip.


Price Includes Shipping and Handling in United States

Until then, Happy Golfing and have a great day, Thank You in advance for your purchase and support of  SquareLign – Square Putter Grip